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What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Being threatened by a debt collector is no joke. Do you know your rights?

What Should Valentine’s Day Cost You?

We are all fighting a spiritual battle. But perhaps yours is even fiercer.

Do you care more about how long your car will last or how fast it will go?

Have your or your family experienced an unexpected expense in the past 12 months?

Have you already blown your New Year budget? Don’t give up!

Help! I'm caught between church and credit cards

Do you struggle to make ends meet? And wonder how to budget when you have so little?

Ever made a really bad decision? Want to know how to avoid another one?

Are you self-employed, trying to make ends meet?

Can You Afford Your Kids?

Are you financially prepared for the unexpected? Could you comfortably replace your washing machine, pay for new tires, or repair your leaky roof?

Are you familiar with house flipping? A barrage of books, seminars, and TV shows are enticing people to get in on the action.

Do you enjoy tipping at restaurants? Or, do you painstakingly compute the percentage down to the penny?

Interested in a fun way of boosting your savings in 2017? How about by fives?

Last week, a new President was sworn into office. Let’s pray for this man and our nation!

Has your office abandoned cubicles for the modern environment of shared desks and wide-open common spaces?

We are two weeks into a new year. Are you discouraged by the state of your financial affairs?

Not only do you and I have to live within a budget, but so do institutions of higher education. So, what do they do when things get tight?

Did you happen to notice any financial lessons in Christmas carols this year?

Dealing with Critical Coworkers

How do you spend time with your children? I’ve got a great activity that doesn’t cost a dime.

Do you avoid pet animal shelters because you’re afraid you’ll bring home a cat or dog?

I have seen some jaw-dropping tattoos and piercings in my travels. How about you?

If you’re like me, you don’t like to carry a pocketful of change. Do you collect yours in a jar?

Do you want to get out of debt in the New Year?!

Is success a confirmation of God’s blessing? Not so fast.

Are you looking for a job this year? I have an encouraging story for you.

Are you resolved to get out of debt in 2017?  I have some practical steps for you today.

This New Year, make Christ-honoring financial choices.

Making New Year’s Resolutions You can Keep

Jay Leno has never touched a dime of the money he earned on the Tonight Show.

Groucho Marx once said “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

The New Year is right around the corner. Have you decided on your New Year Resolution?

Do you struggle with consistency in your personal daily devotions?

Tis the Season for Charitable Giving

Are you guilty of buying things you don’t need? Are your closets full? Maybe you get a rush shopping?

Our world teaches that more is better. But have you ever considered that less is more?

Thinking about selling your home? It may sound crazy, but there are good reasons to list during the holidays!

If you are in the hunt to find a job or change careers, you need to do well in your interview.

Thou Shalt Not Steal … Music included!

6 Christmas Budget Busters - The most common traps to overspending at the holidays and tips on how you can avoid them

Thinking about buying a home? You may not want to wait until next year.

Do you know how much the average American has in their checking account?

What is the number one financial regret of older Americans?

I think gift cards are a bad idea for a Christmas present

Holiday Havoc: Married to Ebenezer Scrooge, but I still love Christmas!

Want to celebrate Christmas without blowing your hard-earned savings? Today, some tips for a Christmas without the financial stress.

Are you looking for ways to earn a little extra money this month? How about emptying out your storage unit!

Most college students focus on the present without any serious thought to what lies ahead 10-20 years from now. But, they should be saving for the future.

Do you know someone who makes good money and is effective in the workplace? Chances are they have a high EQ.

Do you feel a tension between your desire to save more and your desire to give more?

Do you worry you may outlive your retirement savings?

Be on high alert for scams!

Are you wasting money on “healthy food”?

HELP! I’m not Ready for the Holidays!

Today, some tips to avoid ID theft combined with some good news

God expects us to be a good and faithful stewards…Today we examine what is good

Have you started saving $1,000 yet?

Black Friday Survival Guide - 10 Ways to Avoid Overspending on the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

Have you unknowingly put your trust in money?

Celebrating 40 Years of Setting People Free

Why do the “Wrong People” Get Ahead?

Today, I have some tips to help you save $1,000

You are not what is printed on your business card

Have you started saving $1,000 yet?

Do you strive for excellence in your work?

Are Your Children’s Activities Wrecking Your Finances?

If you had to name the top three areas where you need to align your finances with the Bible, what areas would you pick?

Is it the credit card that is preventing you from becoming financially free?

Are you confused by retirement accounts and investments?

Shopping and Emotions

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Paying with cash

Do you have the heart of a steward?

Is your student loan stressing you out?

“Budget Hack” Work to Save Big Bucks

You can save $1,000…Oh yes, you can!

Is your car a “wealth slayer? It may be killing your financial freedom.

More children are good for planet Earth, not bad!

Do you have $1,000 in savings that you could access right now?

Is Divorce Easier for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Lessons From My Dad On Money and Finances

Good Advice On Planning For Retirement

The Single Most Important Tip About Money For A Young Person

Being Intentional About Your Legacy, Part 1

Do you really have a desire to be rich?

I have four principles to follow if you have to borrow money.

Planner or Worrier? Which one are you?

A Perseverance Story

Persistence, Part 2



The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Reverse Mortgages

Do you have your relationship with God separated from your relationship with money?

Why do families experience more problems during economic downturns?

I have a great stewardship story for you

Let’s talk about your net worth as you approach retirement

Tips not to Trip over your Tongue at Work

Are you growing in generosity?

Ever heard of a family bank?

When was the last time you rewarded yourself for making financial progress?

Do you think God can do anything?

Interview the Interviewer for your Dream Job

Would you like to be financially free? Today, I will tell you how that is possible.

Today, my list of the five things I don’t think you should use debt to purchase…

I hate scams, especially this one!

Are you average when it comes to earning and managing your money?

How to Lose a Car and not your Credit Rating

Are you taking care of your health?

Would you like to get completely out of debt?

Are you young, stressed out and unhappy right now? Just wait…

Are you irrationally pessimistic about the world today?

Going Down: Tips for Dealing with College Debt

Is moving down the new moving up?

Are you among the over-housed in America?

Do you consider yourself among the working poor?

There is a good way and a really bad way to buy a car

Payday and Installment Loans – Deadly Debt to Avoid

Are you drowning in debt and feeling hopeless?

Here’s an out of the box idea: Start a business while in college!

Do you love your work?

Do you have a negative wealth?

Homeowner Headache: Refinancing or Recasting at Mortgage?

Are you stressed over your medical bills?

Want to know how to avoid fighting about money and have a better marriage?

When was the last time you only carried cash in your wallet?

Have you thought about purchasing an annuity?

Can I get Free From 4 Credit Cards?

Ready to learn how to be a better investor?

Have you appreciated a Christian radio station lately?

Could you pass a basic financial literacy test?

Quick: If you take out a $1000 loan that has a 20% rate, how much will you owe a year in interest?

What Does it Cost Dallas Cowboy’s Running Back Alfred Morris to Drive a $2 Car?

Did you know consumers are spending 9% of their household income on interest – nearly $6,700 per year?

Want to be a good and faithful steward?

Did you know Epsom Salt is not really a salt?

Do you know what craze made Nintendo stock soar recently?

Climbing a Pyramid or Building a Business?

God has a part and we have a part…

Did you know a healthy lifestyle saves you money?

Are your ready for the 2nd biggest shopping season of the year?

School is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Want to make a great impression and a great investment? Landscape your home.

Are retirement accounts and investments confusing to you?

Are you being duped by advertisers?

Want to get rid of car payments for good? Buy a Freedom Mobile.

Baywatch Bummer – Lessons from Divorce Issues

Are you familiar with the term DIY?

Have you had your cup of coffee today?

Do you lack discipline in your finances?

You may be on vacation, but it is a good time to evaluate your career.

Can You Recover from Mistakes At Work?

Costco has changed their credit card policy

Do You Have Good Life Insurance Coverage

Self-fulfillment is not achieved through self-fulfillment

Happy Independence Day!

Founding Fathers Advice on Debt

Can you earn $100 million dollars and be broke?

Should you “re-cast” your mortgage?

Are you approaching retirement age? Today I have some advice for you.

Can you save a few crumbs today?

Learning Lessons from Losing $4.5 Billion

Are Your Thoughts Ever Preoccupied with Money?

Are You a Financial Prodigal?

Is identity theft insurance a good idea?

Are you worried about your student getting a college education that never leads to a job?

Does God Really Require Fathers to be the Breadwinner?

You are not a millionaire. Here’s why…

We all know Jonah was swallowed by a great fish but do you remember his financial mistake?

Are you a BIG Spender? Today, some tips on being a really GREAT spender.

Should we give like the poor widow in Scripture who gave her last two coins?

What Jesus Wants to See on Your Resume

Do you feel that you just don’t know enough about how to handle money to get ahead?

Have you ever wanted to sell things through websites like Craigslist, but been afraid to try it?

Do you have an offensive or defensive financial strategy?

Are you a hovering overprotective parent wondering how much you need to do for your own children?

Is Graduating Debt-free from College Even Possible?

Do you consider it “Financial Infidelity” when you hide financial information from your spouse?

Can you afford to let your teenager get their driver’s license?

Were you surprised that multi-millionaire pop-star Prince died without a will? He’s not the only one!

Happy Memorial Day…

Make Your Expensive College Education Count!

Are you doing well managing your money?

Did you know that you are a very generous person already?

Are you Debt-stitute?

Do you know the condition of your finances right now?

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Is money causing you terrible stress?

Today, some startling statistics about Middle Class America

More on the financial frailty of the American Middle Class

$400 is a major problem for a huge part of the American population.

When should Helicopter Parents Fly Away?

Putting God’s Word into action will bless your life.

Did you realize that you are God’s investment manager?

Do you obey the Bible by saving money?

Today, how to save money on your prescription drugs.

Pop-Star Prince Problems to Avoid!

Do you work for money?

Are you generous, really generous?

Today, we’ll talk about getting truly rich!

Do you know your financial strengths and weaknesses?

Beware of Craig’s List Scams!

Are you thinking of transferring a credit card balance? Hang on!

What the Bible can teach us about money?

Today, I want to share some testimonies that will encourage you.

Today, I want to give you steps to trusting God during a financial storm.

Are your spending habits normal? Find out today…

Can you Legislate Greed Away?

Do you know why casinos use chips instead of cash for most of their games of chance?

We need to be very concerned about the ever-increasing tax burden on fewer and fewer people in the US.

Do you understand how to use the DEBT SNOWBALL method?

Tax Refunds: To Shop or Not To Shop – That is the Question

I hate the idea of those skimmers possibly reading my credit card information.

Do you expect a tax refund and if so, what are going to do with it?

Today, I have a simple debt reduction tip for you.

Understanding the difference between gambling and investing...

The Tax Man Cometh

Do you know anyone struggling with student loan debt?

If you want to start a heated discussion, talk about socialism!

Have you been shocked by the rise of socialism in this election cycle?

Are you planning on doing some Spring cleaning?

Are you Investing or Gambling?

I believe in tithing. Don’t go away, you should too.

I have four principles to follow if you have to borrow money.

Today, I have a simple debt reduction tip for you.

Has money become a god in your life?

Socialism 2.0: An Economic or Governmental System?

The value of an apology is priceless.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be….

The joy of secret prayer

Have you followed Apple’s battle with the federal government over access to information stored on your smartphone?

Have you taught your teenagers how to buy a car?

Can you get a College Degree Debt Free?

I have an important story of the financial headlines for you today.

Our economy has entered a phase experts are calling “The new Ab-Normal”

Want to live longer and healthier in your retirement years?

If flood, fire, snow, hurricane or job loss comes to your door, are you ready for disaster?

What does the Bible Have to Say about Socialism?

Do you think kids should work for their allowances?

Is there any harm in skipping a cup of coffee to buy a lottery ticket?

Do you think that you can learn anything from a world-class football player or a celebrity rapper about how to handle YOUR money?

Know anyone who is a Shop-aholic? Wonder if you can do more to help than hide the credit cards?

What Happens When You Cannot Pass Go?

Are you living “high on the hog”?

Want to reduce your dental bills?

Do you really have a desire to be rich?

As Culture Shifts on College Campuses, Be the Salt and Light

Are you Financially Unfaithful?

Two things are certain, death and taxes….

I have a plan better than playing the lottery.

Do you suffer from financial stress?

Spiritual advice is practical advice.

From Kanye West to Seattle Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch, money lessons in the headlines.

Do you have a biblical financial philosophy?

Are you ready to make a big change in your finances? Here is a little tip…

Are you rich towards God?

Do you need to earn extra income? Consider sales.

Should My Kids Work for their Allowance?

Want to be a better investor?

There is a correlation between your credit score and your intimate relationships. Don’t miss this one.

Today here is a practical tip to help you get unified with your spouse.

Don’t be the richest man in Babylon.

Stop Her Before She Shops Again!

Are you overlooking possible tax deductions?

Today, I have some strong words about credit card debt.

Are you richer than you think?

Today, a few insights about the economy

How do I survive the next “Snowmageddon”?

Ever been tempted to cheat on your tax return?

Planner or Worrier? Which one are you?

I have a simple but powerful budgeting technique for you today.

Beware of some nasty scams going around right now.

As a timid investor, is it safe for my family to put money in the stock market?

Do you think it’s too early to think about taxes? Guess again!

Are you a big Craigslist user? I have some tips to protect you today.

Does your teenager have a mobile phone?

Do you have $500 in an emergency savings account?

What's the big deal if I skip a cup of coffee and buy a few lottery tickets?

I have a few tax tips for you today.

I don’t believe in luck – good or bad.

Sometimes, the best solution to your financial struggle is to earn more income.

Let’s talk about bankruptcy.

I know that getting out of debt is a great New Year’s resolution but do you have any advice on something else that I should prioritize?

Is success a confirmation of God’s blessing? Not so fast…

Are you looking for a job this year? I have an encouraging story for you.

Are you resolved to get out of debt in 2016? I have some practical steps for you today.

This New Year – make Christ honoring financial choices.

Are New Year's Resolutions Biblical?

Can you believe this is the last day of 2015? It has been a great year.

One discipline, leads to many more.

Want a few tips for starting the New Year off on the right financial foot?

Are you getting enough rest?

With all the excitement at Christmas what are some ways to teach my children to be grateful and remind them that there are others who are not as fortunate as us?

Bing Crosby recorded this song and it’s the third best selling single ever recorded. I’m sure you know it.

Research suggests why we spend more using a credit card than cash…

Debt has some negative consequences….

Do you struggle with invisible sins?

Since both men are believers, how do we biblically handle not being paid for the job?

How Do I Collect an Unpaid Debt From A Fellow Christian?

Are you thinking of purchasing a gas-guzzler now that gas prices are down?

What to do about your student loan debt?

Your car may be driving you to the poor house?

When Should I Keep Kids on Car Insurance or Kick them Off?

The dangers of all the rage on Social Media – Biblical guidelines for navigating these social landmines

What do fraudsters want for Christmas?

Have you considered spending less on Christmas gifts? I have some ideas for you.

What is your highest financial priority for next year?

Are you still impacted by the most recent Market Crash?

Should My Winnings go to a New a Car?

Do you feel a tension between your desire to save more and your desire to give more?

Do you worry you may outlive your retirement savings?

Be on high alert for scams!

Are you wasting money on “healthy food”?

Can the IRS Help You Fund Your Christmas Budget?

Its Thanksgiving Day!

Do you know someone caught up in the predatory lending trap?

Are you trying to achieve your financial goals all alone?

Are there hidden reasons you may be spending too much?

My Two Cents on 50 Cent - Are You Making the Same Mistakes as the Rapper?

Are your adult kids still living in the basement?

Marriage is good for our financial well being!

Did you know that getting rid of greed will help you prosper?

Do you struggle with greed?

Do you save pennies? Today, a sweet lesson for us all.

Are you in the top 50% of wage earners in the USA?

Is it better to buy or rent a home?

Today, I have a very inspiring financial story for you.

Beware of becoming a financial Pharisee….

Time Magazine recently published the list of American’s Top Ten Fears…

Today, lets talk about that little chip in your credit card.

Have you heard about China’s creepy new citizenship score?

How does God’s financial advice compare to the world’s?

Today, the 6 basic financial moves everyone needs to make.

I never purchase extended warranties.

I appreciate a famous quote from Francis of Assisi -

What percentage of your income should you save?

Are you paying to have a checking account? I hope not.

Six best practices for good stewards.

Credit cards are not evil!

Are you hedged against economic uncertainties?

So what happened with all that Shemitah stuff?

American’s have one of the lowest personal savings rates in the world.

Apples or Apple, Inc. which is a better investment?

Today, some great tips for paying off your BIG debts!

Jesus did not endorse socialism…

Watch out for fake Uber drivers!

Today, let’s look at the math in the Parable of the Talents

Are you watching the stock market closely? A warning from an economist at a key US Bank will cause you to pay more attention

I have a great money story for you today…

Are you tired of living on the financial edge?

To Work or Receive Welfare? That is the question…..

Today is a day of gratitude for Christian radio stations.

Should we as Believers sue a non-Christian?

How can we reverse the avalanche of lawsuits we are seeing in America?

Do you really put God first?

Train Up a Child or Make Room in Your Basement

Is Your Economy “Made in China”? How World Economies Impact You

Shopping is an emotional experience… both good and bad.

Six Steps to Kick-Start Your Career After College

Worried about your retirement before age 30? Yea, me neither.

Should you buy a car with Zero Percent financing?

America has frozen its debt limit but it is not good news.

Are you caught in a financial stronghold?

Are you caught in a financial stronghold?

Are you caught in a financial stronghold?

Are you caught in a financial stronghold?

Day 4: Popular money myths that we need to identify and escape!

Day 3: Popular money myths that we need to identify and escape!

Day 2: Popular money myths that we need to identify and escape!

Day 1: Popular money myths that we need to identify and escape!

Does your teenager have a bank account? It’s a good idea.

Are you financially secure?

What’s the favorite investment opportunity for Americans?

Are you getting annoying robo-calls directed to your mobile phone?

What does it cost to rent a chicken? Find out today!

Do you ever pay for “add-on” credit card services? You may have been ripped off.

Are your riches all fake?

Are you trying to practice stewardship or are you becoming a steward?

Ever had your power turned off by the electric company?

Would you take out a 30-year mortgage loan to buy a pizza?

Stewardship may not be what you think it is!

Popular financial advice can actually be harmful.

Today, I have a very encouraging money story.

Are you concerned about the American economy? You have plenty of company!

Jesus did not come into the world to create more Rich Young Rulers.

What we treasure is an indication of what we love.

Want more disciplined children when it comes to the chores?

God wants us to have a faithful heart and disciplined hands…

How to save money on those vacations!

Are you losing sleep because of money?

Paying off debt is like eating an elephant…it can only be done one bite at a time.

I have an unlikely money story for you: How an accent launched a full time career!

Faithfulness is a small thing. But faithfulness in small things is a big thing.

When it comes to our finances, God looks on the heart. I share some birthday thoughts…

What takes your breath away?

I think we are in for a significant economic correction later this year. Here’s my advice.

Are you re-purposing or retiring?

Have you ever examined your financial motives?

Is your car driving you to the poor house?

Researchers say they have cracked the code to happiness

Are you suffering right now? Stay tune for some encouragement…

What would it take for you to really be content?

Did you read the story about the couple with 100 grandchildren?

Man can rationalize the purchase of any luxury or indulgence. You won’t believe this one…

Are you living in God’s Economy or Man’s Economy?

Looking for a simple financial plan?

We all are motivated by hope…

Have you ever heard of a morality bank?

Are you achieving your full career potential?

How do you define success?

Are you a young adult without a life insurance policy?

The experts are warning us about a stock market correction….

Are you familiar with car title loans?

Do you buy lottery tickets?

Today, some advice on settling with your past due credit accounts.

Need a tip to drastically save some money on your food expenses? Today I have a novel tip…

Was Jesus a socialist?

Could you live in a “tiny house”?

Don’t get into the college loan trap.

Do you rent your home? Be careful you are not paying too much….

Crown Says Don't Exchange Your Cap And Gown For A Financial Ball And Chain: Make Plans To Win The “GAME OF LOANS”

Thinking of buying a used car? Here are some tips..

Are you adequately putting enough money aside for retirement?

Have you lost your peace because of financial problems?

If you are married, today I have a strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits…

Have you heard of the Shemitah?

Have you heard about the $70,000 minimum wage? Stay tuned….

Do you tithe 10% of your total annual income?

You can save money and lots of it, by using your local library….

Thinking of buying a home? I have some tips for you today…

Have you ever thought of Jesus as your personal financial advisor?

Are you protecting your privacy on your mobile phone use?

College freshmen are flunking management 101…

Today, some tips for managing your cash….

Are you struggling to save money? Learn from Singapore…

Crown Offers Tax Advice: Because Only Jesus can go fishing for a tax plan

What is your financial theology?

Are you carrying a balance on your credit cards? That is a financial no/no.

Credit Cards can be an asset to your financial well being

Don’t expect money to grow on trees or fall out of the sky. Building wealth takes work.

Do you have life insurance? Some good advice today on how to save money.

47% of Americans save zero.

Where do you eat out the most?

I’m always on the lookout for a good money story for you. Today’s is a big surprise to me!

Quick, what is 15 plus 6?

Do you lack self-control?

Is your college graduate looking for a job?

A whole new way to think about poverty…

Are we nearing the end times and if so, how do we prepare?

Are you jealous of what others have?

My Best financial advice in one line…

Need to be encouraged today?

Are you in the market for a mortgage?

When to ask for help with your taxes...

Are you spending too much money?

Overcoming Financial Bondage

Today, I found a great money story in Bloomberg that is sad but true…

It’s not a good idea to buy a house with a 3% down payment.

Americans get an F on a simple quiz about income taxes.

Are you a steward or are you just in a stewardship program?

Today, a financial pop quiz that claims to predict your financial future

Have a BIG debt you are trying to get rid of?

Have a BIG debt you are trying to get rid of?

Your earnings in the first decade of your career established the probability of high lifetime earnings. This is fascinating…

Today, yet another scam to be on the watch for….

Got enough to retire?

Do you love your neighbor?

Are you raising your children to become financially independent?

Today, seven ways to waste your money.

What are you going to do with your extra $550?

Millennial preferences may reshape traditional homeownership…

Money can’t buy happiness… don’t believe me?

Show Some More Love To Your Picky Valentine

The Taxman Cometh: Crown’s Tax Tips for 2015

Living Debt Free in 2015: Advice to the 4 Out of 5 Who Want to Be Free

We Are All Generous

I Don't Believe in Luck

Join the Ants

Working Out for Better Finances

BBB Top 5 to Avoid Scams

Are you frugal... or just cheap?

Observe Those Who are Skilled

Put an End to Living Paycheck to Paycheck

God's Principles Help Us to Thrive

God Works, While We Sleep

Tax Cheats, Tax Planning, and Taxmen in the Bible: Timeless Advice for Tax Day in USA Today

Starting Your Own Business May Be The Key To Finding Your Dream Job in 2014

America cannot afford for Washington to continue its profligate spending

Job hunt getting you down -- how to build a full-time life in a part-time world - August 6, 2013

The Founders’ fear of federal debt: Unlike today’s leaders, they considered overspending immoral - published in Washington Times - July 4, 2013

Apple’s tax ethics: Unpatriotic or shrewdness in action?

Forget the IRS and Benghazi! Here’s the Real Scandal: Profli-Gate, observes Crown’s Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post

God's Leaders Needed Now

Faith in America's Future: From Inauguration Day to November 2016

The Sword or The Savior: The Only Two Constraints for Evil

The New Endangered Species List: Free Countries

What Twinkies Can Teach Us About Our Finances

The Real Battle Begins

Saving for a Rainy Day (and a Long Dry Spell)

Blown Call Illustrates Battle for Truth

Dickie: Fake It Till You're Broke

America's Next "Twin Towers"

Dan Cathy Is No Chicken

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Healthcare Collides with Religious Freedom

MoneyLife Podcast for Friday, May 25 2012

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Chuck Bentley's Debt Free College Op-Ed at FoxNews

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Chuck Bentley: Why I Don’t “Like” the Facebook IPO

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Debt: The New Financial Painkiller

Secret Service Brought Down by Secret Services

October Baby – A surprise economic stimulus

MoneyLife Videocast April 5, 2012

The Coming Cashless Society

Free Webcast This Week

Are Economic Happy Days Here Again?

MoneyLife Videocast for March 12, 2012

Exposing the myth that government eliminates poverty

MoneyLife Videocast for March 5, 2012

Three Cheers...The UK Is Broke!

MoneyLife Videocast February 29, 2012

MoneyLife Videocast February 20, 2012

A Higher Standard of Truth

Is Our “Economic Cruise Liner” About to Run Aground?

MoneyLife Videocast January 23, 2012

How Not To Become a Financial Zombie

What’s new with Crown

MoneyLife Videocast January 9, 2012

2012 - The Year of Volatility

MoneyLife Videocast January 2, 2012

MoneyLife Videocast December 26, 2011

MoneyLife Videocast December 19, 2011

Hunt for “God Particle” Will Collide with Faith

MoneyLife Videocast for December 12, 2011

Beware of More “Hopium” from the Crucial European Summit

MoneyLife Videocast December 5, 2011

Do Well magazine, get your copy!

Til Debt Do Us Part

MoneyLife Videocast November 21, 2011

Lusting to Death or Death to Lusting

MoneyLife Videocast November 14, 2011

Who Qualifies for Charity?

MoneyLife Videocast November 7, 2011

Such a Deal for You -- The Fine Print of Obama’s College Loan Plan

It’s Game 7 of the Economic World Series

MoneyLife Videocast October 31, 2011

Subprime Student Loan Debt Bubble

Occupy Wall Street - Dazed And Confused?

Financial Lessons Learned in Asia

MoneyLife Videocast for October 17, 2011

England Hits the Panic Button

The Debt Crisis from an Asian Perspective

Asia Interview with Eric Saw

Asia Update from Charles Raymond

Smart Money Moves for Fall

Asia Update 3

"Surviving the Aftershock" in Mandarin

Asia Update #2

Asia Update #1

5 Goals For Savings

Chuck gets interviewed by

MoneyLife Videocast for August 8, 2011

The Root of Riches - Now Shipping! Interview Interview

Getting at the Root of True Success Interview Interview Interview Interview

Homeschool Convention - Richmond, Va

The Root of Riches - Chapter Download

We are home!

Greetings from Sao Paulo Brazil

Universidade da Família - Comments

Day Two in the Amazon

Day One in the Amazon

Portuguese Premiere of "Widow and Oil"

From the Doorstep of the Amazon

Onto Curitiba!

Update From The Amazon Pt 2

Quick Update From The Amazon

Update from Brazil - Day 5

Update from Brazil - Days 2-4

A Video Update from Brazil - Day 1

Welcome to our new “home!”

It's Official! My son, Todd, is an Army Ranger!

Videocast Episode One

Two new MoneyLife™ Podcasts feature Jonni McCoy and Japan Update

New MoneyLife™ Podcast Launches Today!

National Religious Broadcasters convention

Missions Fest 2011

Rumblings…and the rumor mill

Crown 3.0 - A New Day at Crown


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