God’s word has a lot to say about finances, in fact, there are more than 2,300 verses in the Bible on the topics of money and possessions!

God did not leave us alone to fight all the financial pressures and challenges we face without His wise guidance and trustworthy principles.

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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

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Beware of Craig’s List Scams!

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Tax Refunds: To Shop or Not To Shop – That is the Question

The Tax Man Cometh

Are you Investing or Gambling?

Socialism 2.0: An Economic or Governmental System?

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What does the Bible Have to Say about Socialism?

What Happens When You Cannot Pass Go?

Are you Financially Unfaithful?

From Kanye West to Seattle Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch, money lessons in the headlines.

Should My Kids Work for their Allowance?

Stop Her Before She Shops Again!

How do I survive the next “Snowmageddon”?

As a timid investor, is it safe for my family to put money in the stock market?

What's the big deal if I skip a cup of coffee and buy a few lottery tickets?

I know that getting out of debt is a great New Year’s resolution but do you have any advice on something else that I should prioritize?

Are New Year's Resolutions Biblical?

With all the excitement at Christmas what are some ways to teach my children to be grateful and remind them that there are others who are not as fortunate as us?

How Do I Collect an Unpaid Debt From A Fellow Christian?

When Should I Keep Kids on Car Insurance or Kick them Off?

Should My Winnings go to a New a Car?

Can the IRS Help You Fund Your Christmas Budget?

My Two Cents on 50 Cent: Are You Making the Same Mistakes as the Rapper?

Is there a right way to have a credit card?


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