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Tax Cheats, Tax Planning, and Taxmen in the Bible: Timeless Advice for Tax Day in USA Today

crownfinancialstewards on 4/10/14 10:00 AM


KNOXVILLE, TN (04-10-14) – “Feeling anxious about your tax liability and government’s ever-increasing share of your income? The Bible has many references to taxes that will sound strangely relevant at this time of year … beginning with the story of David and Goliath,” observed Crown CEO Chuck Bentley in an op-ed piece titled “Even Jesus Had a Tax Man” at USA Today in advance of the April 15th IRS deadline for federal taxes.

“Many remember a teenage boy offended by insults thrown by a giant foe against his nation and God himself, who volunteers to go into battle with a slingshot. But did you know that a tax incentive was part of his prize? Visiting the battlefield, David learns: “The king will give great wealth to the man who kills (Goliath) … and will exempt his family from taxes in Israel.” That’s a prize many in the military would enjoy.


Starting Your Own Business May Be The Key To Finding Your Dream Job in 2014

By: Robert Dickie III, President Crown Financial Ministries.


America cannot afford for Washington to continue its profligate spending

crownfinancialstewards on 10/21/13 7:42 PM


Over the last 12 years, the federal budget has doubled in size, from $1.9 trillion in 2001 to $3.8 trillion this year.

Published by Washington Examiner October 21, 2013


Job hunt getting you down -- how to build a full-time life in a part-time world - August 6, 2013

crownfinancialstewards on 10/18/13 12:38 AM


By Robert Dickie, President, Crown Financial Ministries
Published August 02, 2013 by


The Founders’ fear of federal debt: Unlike today’s leaders, they considered overspending immoral - published in Washington Times - July 4, 2013

crownfinancialstewards on 7/5/13 1:42 PM


George Washington would roll over in his grave — bumping into his fellow Founding Fathers — if he knew the scope of America’s public debt. Among the values shared by America’s first leaders was an absolute fear of debt, given the pain and misery that followed it. As America celebrates another birthday, their convictions should be studied again.

John Adams, our nation’s second president, once observed: “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”


Apple’s tax ethics: Unpatriotic or shrewdness in action?

crownfinancialstewards on 5/28/13 8:25 AM


Apple Inc. recently “took a bite” out of its corporate tax liabilities and caused a public outcry. But the ethical issues raised by such a move do not begin or end with them alone.

The discovery that this innovative technology giant (that has successfully placed cutting edge tools in half of the homes in America) has legally avoided paying U.S. federal income tax on billions of dollars of net income has many outraged and questioning the ethics of their actions.


Forget the IRS and Benghazi! Here’s the Real Scandal: Profli-Gate, observes Crown’s Chuck Bentley in the Washington Post

crownfinancialstewards on 5/24/13 10:34 AM


Scandals in American government are nothing new. As King Solomon noted, “There is nothing new under the sun.” In fact, most of us can recall a number of major government failures that have come and gone.

Forty years to the week (May 1973) of the Senate hearings of the Nixon administration’s Watergate scandal, we have Benghazi Gate, IRS Gate and theAssociated Press Gate all converging in the second term of President Obama.

  • Benghazi Gate. The government is accused of spinning the truth about what actually caused the tragic events at the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Hearings will reveal more details in the days to come.
  • IRS Gate. The government acknowledges that hundreds of conservative groups were singled out for additional IRS screening in an effort to identify those that were politically active and therefore not eligible for tax exemptions. Some of that private information was reportedly leaked to political operatives favorable to the White House.
  • Associated Press Gate. The government acknowledges that it tapped the private and business phone conversations of Associated Press reporters and one AP editor as part of a Justice Department leak investigation, placing a higher value on uncovering the source of the leak than the First Amendment rights to a free press.

God's Leaders Needed Now

crownfinancialstewards on 3/28/13 5:09 AM


The America I was raised in was saturated with the influence of evangelical Christians. While it is hard to define the meaning of the word “evangelical,” I view it as those followers of Christ who believe the Bible is true, who believe that they should share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ and who seek to live by its teachings in every area of their life.

But America is now in the midst of a rapid, cultural change. The very group of people who brought the salt and light of the gospel to this generation are now broadly considered a fading minority and for some, the source of the problems in our nation.


Faith in America's Future: From Inauguration Day to November 2016

crownfinancialstewards on 1/22/13 5:59 PM


The second inauguration of President Barack Obama is now history. The theme of his next term was framed by New York Senator Charles Schumer, “Faith in America’s Future.” The president’s address gave us a glimpse of his goals for the next four years and why we should unite as “one people” to advance his administration’s agenda.

We should definitely prepare for the coming agenda. Here’s what I believe we can expect:

  1. Increased Federal Debt. The president’s party has yet to approve a budget in the Senate nor shown any willingness to rein in runaway federal spending. In fact, this president increased debt per household more than the first 42 presidents combined.
  2. Expansion of Welfare Programs. Government spending on food stamps alone increased 100% in President Obama’s first term and there is no end in sight. The president and others in his party believe this boosts the economy.
  3. Immigration Reform. Since the demographics of immigrating populations favor the Democratic Party, expect a strong push for amnesty and more relaxed rules for naturalization and citizenship.
  4. Increased Taxes. With bias against the wealthy, new initiatives will seek to increase federal revenue, but only with token reductions in spending. While the rhetoric will call for some to pay their “fair share,” half will continue to pay nothing.
  5. Climate Change Legislation. The president believes that man is responsible for global warming, thus we will see even more regulation of manufacturing and new taxes to reduce carbon emissions.
  6. Growing Polarization between Liberals and Conservatives. The administration is operating under the assumption it has a “mandate” to implement as much of its agenda as possible. With control of the Senate and a fawning media, opposition will be painted as “obstructionist” and skirted as often as possible.
  7. Contempt for Traditional Values. With a view that “tolerance” doesn’t allow for some Christians to offer the benediction at the Presidential Inauguration, we should not expect the president’s second term to advance social, moral or fiscal policy that reflects the traditional values Americans once held dear. Unity will be sought to the exclusion of those viewed as out of touch with “modern” values.
  8. Increased Efforts to Limit Gun Ownership. The administration knows it faces an uphill battle in Congress over new gun control laws. Nonetheless, it will try to weaken the Second Amendment that protects our right to bear arms any way it can. What the president can’t get through Congress, he will seek to implement through executive order, as he did 23 times last week.
  9. Increased Sanctions of Same Sex Marriage. Last year, Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to support gay marriage. Also, the States of Washington and Maryland became the first to approve gay marriage by referendum. The issue will receive increased pressure and attention in the next four years.
  10. Increased Tensions with Conservative States. A number of conservative states will attempt to resist the overreach of the federal government regarding health care, gun ownership and gay marriage.

The Sword or The Savior: The Only Two Constraints for Evil

crownfinancialstewards on 12/20/12 4:49 PM


On July 22, 2011, Norway was rocked by a heinous crime that remains an open wound. Anders Breivik, a 32-year-old terrorist armed with tactical gear, firearms and bombs, murdered a total of 77 innocent civilians, mostly teenagers enjoying their summer camp.



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