How Do I Collect an Unpaid Debt From A Fellow Christian?

Chuck Bentley on 12/17/15 7:00 AM


According to a recent story in the NY Post, “When Sean Cooper paid off his mortgage in three years, he was so proud, he called in a TV crew to film him burning his mortgage papers.

As the Canadian resident explained (to CBC), Cooper managed to achieve the unbelievable feat simply by being frugal.

Cooper said he worked three jobs. He was employed fulltime at a pensions consulting firm while also working at a “no-frills” supermarket as a clerk and doing freelance writing on weekends and at night.

“So while people were out having a good time, I was usually inside on my computer working,” he said.

To cut costs further, he rented out his three-bedroom home and lived in the basement, riding his bike to work and eating “Kraft dinners” of macaroni and cheese.

The result? He paid off his $255,000 mortgage in three years and two months.

Cooper explained that he had saved a $170,000 down payment on his own.

“I didn’t get inheritance and I paid for university all myself, so I certainly wasn’t given a free ride by my parents,” he said.

While some reacted with scorn because of his excessive frugality and 80-hour workweek, I applaud this young man’s accomplishment.  Far too many of us have never even attempted such a lofty financial challenge. His story proves first that he was a regular saver before he purchased the house. Second, he likely could have easily managed payments on the mortgage and forgotten about it but he set a goal and achieved it. Now, how about you?  Why not set a goal to get your mortgage paid off?  We can help!


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