The Benefits of Plants at Work and Home

You may not have access to a garden at your office, but did you know that a plant at your desk can impact the quality of your work?

Articles at and reveal why.The benefits of plants at work and home

Scientists report that certain plants improve indoor air quality and help eliminate toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and hexane from the air. They have psychological benefits and promote healing from illnesses.

One study showed that plants reduce carbon dioxide thereby easing stress and aid in recovery from stress. This ultimately boosts employee productivity.

In fact, Washington State University found that productivity among workers increased by 12 percent in the presence of plants. People tested in a room with plants reported feeling about 10 percent more attentive after a task than those tested without plants. Their findings conclude that live plants helped employees work with more focus and efficiency.

Washington State also reported that low interior humidity, common in many offices, increases fatigue, respiratory discomfort and an overall drop in workplace wellbeing. Their report suggests that adding plants can help reduce if not eliminate these conditions by raising humidity to an ideal comfort range.

A Texas A& M research team found that both men and women, in an environment that included flowers and plants, demonstrated more creativity. This was supported by the test group’s innovative thinking, their generation of more ideas and their original solutions to problems.

Convinced? Consider adding these plants to your workspace: spider plants, lemon balm, philodendron, peace lily and golden pathos.

And, remember that upon the creation of plants on the 3rd day, God saw that it was good.


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