She was following the world's blueprint of materialism...

Akil_Cole_4.jpgSure, Akil Cole was a Christian ... “Yet I was ignorantly following the world’s blueprint of materialism,” she says.

It was a Crown class that totally changed her perspective.
She had graduated from college with student loans, a car loan, and credit card debt.

“Crown showed me through God’s infallible Word that I was in bondage,” Akil says, “and not free to serve God completely.”

She calls it an “abrupt awakening” — and it spurred her to make every effort to get out of debt.

When she achieved this goal, God began speaking to her heart about sharing what she had learned.

Which is why you’ll find her in Panama today.

“A Christian mentor helped me discover my passion in life,” Akil says, “which was to share Crown’s message primarily with historically oppressed people groups. Because I had been incorporating God’s principles of stewardship for many years, I was free, spiritually and financially, to answer His call to Central America to study Spanish. In Panama, I am not only learning Spanish, but also learning about the beautiful Latino culture, which has dark strokes of corruption painted throughout its wonderful colorful landscape. Crown’s message of hope is needed here.”

Akil is quick to quote Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

“What this means to me,” she says, “is that when you abandon yourself to Christ, He places His desires for you into your heart and eventually fulfills them. In the meantime, He supernaturally gives you peace and contentment in your present circumstances.
“I would love to have a beautiful home someday. I have dreamed of having a Christian family and raising them on Christian principles.

Today, however, at the age of 43, I reside in a small bedroom with a twin bed, a fan, and minimal furnishings.

Yet I have abundant joy, peace, and contentment. I am doing the things I love the most: taking hour-long walks before dawn, eating healthy, learning Spanish, living in a foreign country, meeting very interesting people, and soon I will be helping some young ladies develop professionally (and perhaps spiritually, too).

I am sharing Crown’s message with my Spanish teachers and acquaintances that I have met in Panama, with the goal of eventually sharing it with the local churches here after I have a bit more Spanish under my belt. And from here, I will go wherever the Lord takes me. Thankfully, in great part to Crown’s teaching, I can unrestrainedly say ‘Yes, Lord. Here I am. Send me!’”


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