There was no Plan B...

Crown Financial Ministries on 12/26/15 10:30 AM


Brittany was counting on the military.

Life at home was tough. At 19, she knew she needed that kind of structure. There were lots of other reasons, too. She was sure: The U.S. military was her ideal career path.Brittany.jpg

There was no Plan B.

Until the physical.

That day, Brittany was diagnosed with binocular vision disorder. She was disqualified from military service.

Shattered, she turned to Seasons Counseling, a counseling service in her area. She wept bitter tears as she said eight simple words: “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

By God’s grace, Seasons Counseling owner, Dan, had connected with Crown’s Career Direct® program.

Dan immediately invited Brittany to take the Career Direct educational assessment.

Within minutes, Brittany’s despair turned to hope.

“I am blown away!” Dan says. “Brittany felt so hopeful knowing that she could start right now putting the pieces back together for her future.”

A counseling team reviewed the Career Direct assessment with
Brittany. Dan reports that the process went beautifully.
Later, he received a text from her. Career Direct, she told him,
is amazingly hope-giving. She’s looking towards using her gifts in
missions ministry!

Before long, Dan received another text — this one from Brittany’s
mother. “Overjoyed,” she said. Then she made an appointment for


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