Doors Wide Open to Cuba

As U.S.-Cuba relations begin to normalize, God has thrown the doors wide open for Crown's Ministry in the island nation, for the very first time!Cuba.jpg

Dr. Frank Gonzalez, Crown’s leader in Latin America,
traveled at the end of September with a team to Cuba, where he taught sessions using Crown’s God Provides Films. The team also began developing stewardship leaders using Crown materials. In attendance: leaders from 30 different churches all across the nation.

The leaders were encouraged to start formal stewardship
ministries in their churches. The group also began working toform a Crown Leaders Team for the entire country, in order to replicate these initial teachings and continue equipping and
mentoring others.

“I am so excited to put Crown’s flag for the first time in
this country at this moment,” Dr. Gonzalez says. “Crown will
be the first ministry to teach the Biblical financial principles
formally. It is a challenge to teach people in this economic
situation, but also it is a special moment ... Please pray!”


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