Meat means ends meet...

Crown Financial Ministries on 12/16/15 10:30 AM


“I was set free!” DINART_FOTO_Brazil

Meat — there had to be meat — with every single meal.

Dinart Barradas’ wife and children couldn’t understand his obsession. In fact, neither could he. It was a fixation born of poverty.

“Many times, my grandmother had only a can of sardines to share,” Dinart remembers.

As an adult, he was desperate to avoid this kind of lack. Meat on the table was a symbol to him, a signal that he wasn’t poor.

But the side effects were terrible.

Dinart had come to Christ at age 16, but he never heard anything about God’s financial principles … and his endless quest for food and goods began to consume him.

Eventually, financial troubles threatened to destroy his marriage.

A friend introduced him to Crown and he began attending a small group. “My mind was changed,” Dinart remembers. “I was set free from consumerism, debt and self-pity. I learned to save and manage money.”

He even began leading small group studies in his home. Eventually he and his wife became Crown missionaries, dedicating 100% of their time to teaching God’s financial principles throughout Brazil.


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