Remembering His First Tithe Check...

Crown Financial Ministries on 2/5/16 10:30 AM


I had been a Christian since 1985, and it was now January of 1993. I never tithed, in fact rarely gave anything. I had every excuse in the books as to why, and to me they were all valid. I remember thinking that I would not have enough to pay my bills, I was going to be about $400 short.Doug_Poole.jpg

Well, however it happened, I actually ended up with about a $400 surplus. Without thinking about it, I wrote a check for $400 more than I would have paid to lower a debt, and was driving to the Post Office before work to mail it.

Then God spoke to me:

“When are you going to trust me with your money?” He
asked. “You thought you would be short, I gave you a surplus,
and you still don’t trust me? When are you going to change?”

I decided right then to drive to work, tear up the check, and write a new (smaller) one, and start tithing. 

The funny thing is, Satan was right there, too.

I was literally less than a month into a new relationship with
my girlfriend (who I have been married to for almost 22 years).

Satan was like “You’re trying to bribe God.

You are only doing this because you want Him to bless your
relationship.” I was like, “Um, no. In fact, that never crossed my
mind until you brought it up.”

I became involved with (at that time) Christian Financial
Concepts by Larry Burkett later that year, and I am still involved

I’m so thankful for the ministry that Crown has, that you
have. God is doing mighty things, and in a world where it seems
God is left out of everything, He is still working where people
will allow Him to. Thank you for all you do.


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