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Crown Financial Ministries on 2/27/16 11:30 AM


Pastor Ron Tucker looked at his congregation — at Grace Church in St. Louis — and saw trouble.Ron_Tucker_2.jpg

“Couples and single people of every income level,” he observed, “drowning in debt not knowing which way to turn, stressed out to the breaking point.”

But that was more than 10 years ago.

“Our church has been using Crown’s Biblical Financial Study for more than a decade now,” Ron says. “It doesn’t just give you practical application; it shows you God’s heart.”

Result: People getting back on track. “A solid track,” Ron says. “We’ve seen hearts changed. We’ve watched marriages get healed. Miracles happen as people surrender their wills to the plan and purposes of God, bringing sanity to the financial chaos. It builds faith.”

Ron_Tucker_Family.jpgOne major indication of Crown’s influence was the church’s successful building campaign. “We asked everyone to pray a very simple prayer,” Ron says: “‘What do you want to do through me for my church?’ And because so many of our people had gone through the Crown study, they were responsive to that and obeyed God. We had miracle testimonies of what God did!”

“I am so grateful to have tools like this to educate and equip believers to obey God” the pastor adds. “Jesus told us on the Sermon on the Mount that where your treasure goes, your heart follows. And this is such a clear cut path for getting our treasure and our hearts in the right place!”


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