We had given it “our all” — but we had not given it all to God...

Crown Financial Ministries on 12/18/15 10:30 AM


At the start of 2015, our business was struggling tremendously and we were seeking direction. We attendedthe Crown Financial personal study in hopes of gaining guidance and some strength or encouragement. We gained a lot on a personal level but God wanted more. We had a growing business, but lacked the incentive to run it 100% in God’s will. We had given it “our all” — but we had not given it all to God!Hess_family_2015_026-001_1.jpg

It was a true “God thing” that we were led to Knoxville to the Business By The Book™ Seminar — not knowing much about it, but seeking His will with a broken spirit.

The weekend was a revival to us — as we were reminded of the richness of God’s Word and how useful it is in everything we do ... including running our business and managing our money.Hess_family_2015_043-001.jpg

We came home with an eagerness to make changes. We restructured our management team after getting some insight from Jon Sommer and Crown’s PID assessments given to our team. It gave us new energy and direction to care for our employees and to serve our customers.

Above all, with help from Crown Financial, we have been reminded that God owns everything, and it is a blessing to be able to serve Him in the mission field that He has placed us.

—Clem and Shelly Hess


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