If one more thing went wrong, we would have been in serious trouble...

They seemed to be living the American dream. Jake and Kayla both landed great jobs right after their wedding. They were making good money — so of course they took out a loan for a nice car. They took out a mortgage on a nice house. They bought a big dog — “just because we could,” Jake says.Kayla_1.jpg

But they kept on spending ... and the credit card debt began to mount. 

It was a tenuous time for this couple. They were on the brink of financial disaster.

“If one more thing went wrong, we would have been in serious trouble,” Jake says. “If a car had broken down, an appliance
would have quit, or one of us had gotten sick, we would not have made it out ...

“We realized our spending was out of control,” Jake remembers. So when they heard about a Crown class, they signed up.

Eventually, Kayla says, “Things started to turn around. In just about two years, we paid off $77,000 of debt, downsized our house, and knocked $80,000 off of our mortgage, which saved us $800 a month.”

They also paid off the six-year loan on their cars — in two years — paid off all their interest, and credit card debt.

And “in the last year, I was able to quit my almost $100,000-a-year-paying job,” Kayla adds, “to stay at home with our two kids.”

But this isn’t the end of the story.

“Between the two of us, Crown has impacted more than just our money,” Jake observes. “It has impacted our faith. We both have grown stronger in our relationship with God. I’ve even started
seminary to become a pastor, and I’m now in my last semester! Everything has come full circle. We’ve taken some great steps.”

And Crown’s impact will be multi-generational. “Not only are we doing well, but we know that our kids have a solid foundation,” Jake says.

“They’re going to know about money, and the pitfalls that can happen, long before it gets to a point where it can be a factor for them.”

Bottom line? “Crown really helped us strengthen our faith and our future,” Jake says. “Now we have the possibility of saving up, having a nice retirement, and sending our two kids to college, even with just one of us working.”


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