Doors Wide Open to Cuba

As U.S.-Cuba relations begin to normalize, God has thrown the doors wide open for Crown's Ministry in the island nation, for the very first time!Cuba.jpg

Dr. Frank Gonzalez, Crown’s leader in Latin America,
traveled at the end of September with a team to Cuba, where he taught sessions using Crown’s God Provides Films. The team also began developing stewardship leaders using Crown materials. In attendance: leaders from 30 different churches all across the nation.


She was following the world's blueprint of materialism...

Sure, Akil Cole was a Christian ... “Yet I was ignorantly following the world’s blueprint of materialism,” she says.

It was a Crown class that totally changed her perspective.
She had graduated from college with student loans, a car loan, and credit card debt.

“Crown showed me through God’s infallible Word that I was in bondage,” Akil says, “and not free to serve God completely.”

She calls it an “abrupt awakening” — and it spurred her to make every effort to get out of debt.

When she achieved this goal, God began speaking to her heart about sharing what she had learned.

Which is why you’ll find her in Panama today.

“A Christian mentor helped me discover my passion in life,” Akil says, “which was to share Crown’s message primarily with historically oppressed people groups. Because I had been incorporating God’s principles of stewardship for many years, I was free, spiritually and financially, to answer His call to Central America to study Spanish. In Panama, I am not only learning Spanish, but also learning about the beautiful Latino culture, which has dark strokes of corruption painted throughout its wonderful colorful landscape. Crown’s message of hope is needed here.”


They lost everything...

When they lost everything ... You gave them MORE than they could imagine!

It caught them completely off guard.

Roberto and Carolina had everything they could possibly want: A happy marriage. A beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Valentina. A great church family near their home in Columbia. College educations. Five businesses.

But in 2008, the world economic crisis hit hard — and they lost everything. Their home, their daughter’s college fund, over $150,000 worth of investments ... all gone.

“We were left with a $100,000 debt — minimum,” Roberto says. “It was devastating ... We suffered such a hard financial crisis that we didn’t have food to eat. We had nowhere to live. We were unemployed. We owed money to our daughter’s school for more than a whole year of fees.”

But then God’s principles stepped in ... and changed EVERYTHING.


She habitually ran away from home...

Crown Financial Ministries on 11/27/15 10:30 AM


This teen and her mom were constantly butting heads — they just didn’t “get” each other.

She wanted to be in show business. Her mom pushed for a more traditional career — perhaps a kindergarten teacher — in an effort to protect her daughter from the entertainment industry.

That’s when the girl’s school teacher called on Career Direct® Master Trainer Terrence Jiam — and friends like you — for help. The teen didn’t want counseling, but she did agree to work through a personality test, like Career Direct®.


Torn between His Calling and His Parents...

Crown Financial Ministries on 11/20/15 10:30 AM


He was torn between quitting his job and fulfilling his parents’ wishes for him to continue on his chosen career path.

Although this young man’s job paid well and lined up with his degree, he found the authoritative nature of his position — particularly ordering around his employees — frustrating and difficult. His role wasn’t a natural fit for his God-given temperament.

That’s when Tan Yoke Tee— a trainer for Career Direct® consultants in Malaysia — acrossed his path.



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