The light began to dawn for this Veteran...

Crown Financial Ministries on 3/5/16 11:30 AM


Willie served our nation, on active duty in the military for 24 solid years. When he left the service, he worked various jobs: truck driver, supply supervisor, realtor ...

But at home, there was trouble. His marriage gradually dissolved.Willie_Blue_1.jpg

Stressed and confused, he walked away from a good job.

Things went from bad to worse.

“I used up all my savings, and got deep in debt with credit cards and personal loans,” Willie says today. One day he realized he was in a hole $70,000 deep.

His years in the military had given him stamina. “I refused to go into bankruptcy,” he recalls. Eventually he re-enlisted — and devoted every possible penny of his paycheck to whittling away at the debt load.

“This would not have happened without the mercy of God,” Willie says.

But he was exhausted from the effort — and he still didn’t really understand the dynamics that had led him to get into financial trouble in the first place. Within a few months, he was headed back down into the same kind of dungeon.

Then ... thank God ... you entered the story. Your support of Crown brought a new course to Willie’s church. That coursechanged the trajectory of Willie’s life. Finally, the light began to dawn. He began to understand how his spiritual life and his financial life were intertwined — and how the principles of God’s Word inevitably impact our money-management decisions every day.

“Now I am back on track to being financially stable,” Willie reports. “God has worked many miracles in my life, and Crown has been an important part of it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Crown Financial Ministries for the outstanding training I received that help me to get back on track.

“Since completing that training, I have done more in the area of giving — not just in tithing, but also in time. I’ve completed the training to be a leader in small groups, and I’m training to help people in need of someone to talk to. The next part of my training will help me minister to military families while they’re separated from a service member in their family.”


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