3 Steps to Trust God More

Many people struggle with fear, especially when it comes to their finances. Attitudes of fear and anxiety over our money, relationships, and circumstances can be a sign of bondage.  

Faith is the opposite of fear. Hebrews 11 defines faith as “the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.”

If we had no needs, we would have no need of faith. But, our precious Father, knew needs were essential for us to develop faith in Him.

It is vital that we view our future needs as opportunities to exercise and develop our faith. And, if we believe that God is “a rewarder of those who seek Him” then we can place our life in His hands.

How do we trust God?


The Truth About Retirement

Retirement provision is something that confuses many Christians. The “rules” about retirement have changed over the years and many Americans are realizing they didn’t save enough to maintain the lifestyle they pictured.

Almost a quarter of all retirees are worried that their savings will run out and not saving for retirement soon enough is the number one financial regret of all Americans. The options for retirement accounts alone can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve worked for several employers. As a country, we have developed a mania about retirement - how much you need, when to retire, and what your life past 65 should look like.

Not surprisingly, what Scripture says and what the world says about retirement are two very different things. The world says retirement is when we deserve to enjoy ourselves - to sit back and take it easy after working hard for 40-50 years. But the Bible is clear that work is a good thing. Our potential in the workforce and the Kingdom doesn’t stop at age 65. God gave Adam charge over the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world - work was blessing to Adam.


Becoming a Cheerful Giver

Randy Alcorn says, “Gaze upon Christ long enough, and you’ll become more of a giver. Give long enough, and you’ll become more like Christ.”

God’s Word describes the tithe as a testimony to God’s ownership. Our tithe is the seed we plant in God’s garden. He takes it and multiplies it.

The amount of the tithe is not important to God; He owns it all. But the amount IS important to us. Giving is a heart issue: where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).


7 Ways to Become More Content

Charles Spurgeon said, “If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.”

Contentment is an attitude of knowing God’s plan for your life, having the conviction to live it, and believing that God’s peace is greater than the world’s problems.

Today, many are discontented – not because they aren’t doing well but because others are doing better.

Worldly goals are robbing believers of contentment. Lack of peace, lack of spiritual growth and doubts about God are warning flags.


5 Things You Should Spend Money on to Save

Originally posted on the Christian Post on April 21

To learn Biblical answers to your financial questions, you can #AskChuck @AskCrown your questions by clicking here. Questions used may be lightly edited for length or clarity.

Dear Chuck,

I’ve been following Crown Financial Ministries for years and appreciate your advice on avoiding debt and putting God first through tithing, but is there ever a time when you SHOULD spend money?

Just Curious


Dear Curious,

The short answer to your question is YES. Let me offer two times when it is good and right to spend money.


Lessons From My Dad on Hard Work

My father taught me the value of hard work. He set me up in the parakeet business when I was just 15 years old. At one point I averaged 1,000 birds per month that I sold to pet stores.

I later worked in the oil fields and gave my Dad my checks to save for me. It was dangerous and dirty work. But, I survived.

At the time I only knew to treat people right and make my employer glad he hired me. But, what I learned helped me get to where I am today.

I gained confidence.

I gained skills.


The Average Debt Carried By Deceased Americans

Columnist Earl Wilson once said, “Today, there are three kinds of people:  the have’s, the have-not’s, and the have-not paid-for-what-they-have’s.”  Who are you?

There were some shocking statistics recently reported, regarding debt carried by deceased Americans.

The credit bureau Experian’s database consists of 220 million consumers, roughly 90% of the adult population in the U.S.

And 73% of their consumers had outstanding debt of $61,000 at death!


Debt-Free Degree

It’s been said student debt is a product that has been sold to us with such repetition and intensity that most people believe they can’t live without.

My 19 year-old son attends community college, drives a 15 year old car, and lives at home. He could have attended a number of universities. But as, Andrew Josuweit, at, says “skipping community college can be a $20,000 mistake.”

According to the College Board, "of all students who completed a degree at a four-year institution in 2013-14 had enrolled at a two-year institution at some point in the previous 10 years." The variety of tracks are appealing.


6 Ways to Prepare for Summer Vacation

Are you planning a summer vacation?

Allianz Travel Insurance reported that while fewer Americans planned to take a summer vacation in 2016, they would still spend $1,800 on average, making the total cost of summer vacation totaling nearly $90 billion.

Although vacations can be a wonderful time for family bonding and a break from the routine of work and school, the cost can be devastating if not well planned. Decide what you can spend without going into debt and ignore how the world tells you to vacation.

Here are some practical ways to have a wonderful summer vacation and save money:


Mike Pence's Money-Saving Marriage Tip

Originally posted on the Christian Post on April 7

To learn Biblical answers to your financial questions, you can #AskChuck @AskCrown your questions by clicking here. Questions used may be lightly edited for length or clarity.

Dear Chuck,

Recently, Vice President Mike Pence has come under fire after a Washington Post profile of his wife Karen reported that the Vice President does not go out to dinner alone with any women, other than his wife, and that he does not go to events with alcohol without his wife along as well. I know that that cost of divorce can be high, but do you think this is necessary, in this day and age?

Just Curious

Dear Curious,

It is hard to imagine that some found Vice President Pence’s practice offensive and juvenile; however, his critics found a way!



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